For my project titled “Home and America”, I observed the dynamic between private and public spaces within urban communities. To accomplish this, I established a theme of civic intervention, which was present in each captured environment. As a student of architecture, it is my job to understand the relationship between a community and what exists inside and out of its boundaries. Doing so allows me to better understand how to design a space that doesn’t negatively impact the populations that surround it. Good architecture contributes to a good community, and good civic infrastructure works in tandem towards a common goal of betterment. In my images, there is a physical embodiment of divide; taking form through the familiar chain-link fence, or through large instances of infrastructure, such as the highway overpass or elevated railroad. The goal of the series, and specific emphasis of the harmonious dichotomy between public and private, is to instigate dialogue on what makes our communities spatially successful; as well as what doesn’t.

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