Many photographers of today work primarily with digital, bringing images into the computer after shooting to retouch and cull. Photographer Richard Renaldi, however, is a bit different: His images are primarily shot via an 8x10 large format camera. Though this style requires a considerable amount of effort, the results provide an experience for the viewer that digital simply cannot. Renaldi's images allow the viewer to immerse themselves in the scene and connect with the subject matter before their eyes. Like his images, I wanted to take the viewer on a journey, through the streets of Pittsburgh or the beaches of Lake Washington. For most of my portraits, the subject is looking directly at the viewer. I did this to establish a sense of intimacy between the subject and the viewer. Renaldi employs the same tactic in his powerful black and white portraits. My goal was to emulate a similar style of storytelling by mirroring Renaldi's work in my own style. With these circumstances, it was key for me to hone in on the art of storytelling through artful imagery and editing.

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