Revelations +1  is a project based in the American sensibility of permanence through built space. As a society, we establish hierarchy to the past by deciding what stays with us in the present (and thus what influences the future). The project title refers to the The Book of Revelation in the Bible, and the +1 referring to the United States country code. In conjunction with one another, the title embodies the project’s goal of conveying a sense of finality to present day Americanism, and the revelation of principle and ideology that will hopefully follow. The viewer is able to experience a different sort of “Eureka!” moment, as each image finds its success in providing a worthwhile payoff for the viewer’s journey. The success one finds in each of these images correlates to the surprises and revelations we will experience as we exist through time. Through Revelations +1, my goal is to express the convergence between Americanism and growth, establishing the effect this duality has within the built environment and thus, in our lives. 

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